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Are you new to internet marketing? Confused by social media? Or
clueless about the world of websites? Not sure where to start? And
don’t know where to turn? Are you overwhelmed by all the jargon,
buzzwords and options before you?

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We Always Deliver More
Than Expected


Working with you side by side, empowering you with the skills and support to set up your product systems, social media, checking off daily tasks, lead generation, sales funnels and help with optimization, tracking and analysis.


Providing approachable guidance, insights, advice, tools and the “know how” to grow your business. As your understanding grows … so will your confidence. As your confidence grows so will your business.


To our members, no matter what their experience, Owl Empower is a safe and nurturing environment where a member has somewhere to turn to when questions or problems arise.

Your success is our success:

Our service has been created from first-hand experience of the frustration that often
defines those first months’ even years in online business. The Concierge, Coaches and
fellow Members are here to support you on your journey.

Message from 
Founder of Owl Empower

Over the years I have continued to invest in my education. My journey to profitability and business success was a long one – filled with learning curves, difficulties and missteps

In Those first few years I needed someone to call and a step-by-step checklist to success.

Today, these are the issues that define Owl Empower – and I’m proud to deliver a service that empowers

– Susan

Caring, Coaching, and Mentoring

  • A helping hand – delivered by those who have been there.
  • For those who are struggling to get to grips with internet marketing
  • For every entrepreneur seeking inspiration and straight-forward guidance for an and Persistent Actions To Success.
  • For those just starting out.


“The Concierge went above and beyond what she needed to do and what I expectedher to do; going went out of her way to give me advice, share helpful tools,and coach me. Thank you so much.”

M. Anez, Little Falls, MN, USA

“A great experience and a big help, my Concierge is the best. She helpedme the most of anyone I’ve been involved with so far. I gladly give herA+’s across the board. Thanks very much.”

P. Simon, Orange, TX, USA

“Made me believe that I could achieve different things when I felt hopeless.My coach should be commended for her work and work ethic. Again – thankyou for your support and everything you all have done for me.”

Terry Nadosy Beloit, WN, USA

“Exceptionally helpful, and I would strongly recommend them to you. Their support and training is in my opinion second to none. Their knowledge and skills are awesome. Thank you Owl Empower.”

Janis Dolan Manchester UK